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Deacon Ace's Ordination
If you would like to view a video of Ace's Ordination to Deacon, click on the link below to access it on You Tube.
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How to Build a Culture of Life
Watching the news and reading the headlines, we may feel helpless seeing the heartbreaking lack of respect for human life.  How do we respond?  Changing the culture is a proces of conversion that begins in our own hearts.  When we encounter Christ, experience His love, and deepen our relationship with Him, we become more aware of our own immeasurable worth and that of others.  His unchanging love is a source of our God-given dignity, which, therefore, cannot be taken away.  When someone is facing great trials, we need to walk with them on their journey, intercede for them, and be open to sharing Christ's love however He directs.  We simply need to follow where He leads.
This is a summary of a USCCB Respect Life Program article by the same name and is reprinted with permission.  Copyright 2019, USCCB, Washington, D.C.  All rights reserved.
The Bishop has decided to allow parishes to restore Holy Communion under both kinds on Holy Thursday, 6 April 2023, and on. In response here in our parish, we will be restoring the Cup during Holy Communion. So that we can serve you more efficiently and safely, let us follow these procedures:
  1. As you enter the church to attend the Holy Mass, ushers will welcome you at the narthex (the welcoming area by the church entrance) and direct you to a box with paper slips labeled “I will receive the Precious Blood in Holy Communion.”  If you have decided to receive the Precious Blood, pick up a labeled paper slip and drop it into another box for the “SACRISTAN”.  The sacristan at each Mass will prepare the amount of wine to be consecrated based on the number of those labeled paper slips that approximate the number of those who expressed their desire to receive the Precious Blood in Holy Communion.  
  2. Please make sure to sanitize your hands before you stand in line for Holy Communion, especially since you will be holding the cup for those who will be receiving the Precious Blood.
  3. Intinction, that is, dipping the Body of Christ into the cup of the Precious Blood, is not allowed.