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   2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, a significant milestone for our parish community.  Starting with the June 2018 Feast Day, we will kick off a year long celebration.  Click the link below to read Fr. Ed's letter proclaiming the year long celebration and the events to come.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish is a faith-filled community for all cultures and ages dedicated to building the Kingdom of God. We come closer to God by following Jesus Christ through His Word and the Sacraments. Through the Holy Spirit and with the intercession of our Blessed Mother, we provide a sense of belonging to all God's people through prayer, service and the sharing of our gifts for the praise and glory of God.
Clergy's Page Pastor's Corner
      My friends, last week we centered our reflections on the theme: the struggles of the ministry and the blessings of doing ministry.   Today, the readings help us to go deeper into this ministry to understand that the chosen ones of God are sent to preach.   The First Reading narrates to us the call of Amos to become a prophet.   He was called to prophesy to His People and he responded.  The Second Reading conveys to us the message that we are chosen.   Each one of us is chosen and called by virtue of our baptism.   If there is a call then there is a response to the call and then the sending out follows.
      The gospel we just heard is from the Gospel of Mark.  The Gospel is the account of the summoning of the Twelve by Jesus and His sending them out two by two.   Let us recognize that this is the third time that Jesus “summoned” the Twelve.   In Chapter 3 of the Gospel of Mark, verses 14-15, the Twelve are summoned that “they might be with Jesus”.   And in verse 23 of the same Chapter, Jesus again “summoned” the Twelve in order for them “to listen to the teaching” of Jesus.   And then in Chapter 6, which is the gospel this Sunday, Jesus again “summoned” them but this time, he is sending them out now to preach repentance, to drive out demons and to anoint the sick and even gave them some instructions.   Jesus summons.   He sends.   He gives authority.   He instructs.   These four verbs are very important for us to consider, especially in the context of what St. Paul told us at the Second Reading about our blessings.   It is always wise to be aware of those verbs or actions of Jesus in doing our ministry for we need to follow the strategy of Jesus.   When called, let us allow ourselves to “be with Jesus” and “listen to the teaching” of Him.   Let His teachings transform us as we look forward to being sent out to do our ministry.   And finally, let us not forget to listen to His instructions.
       In sending them out, the Twelve were sent out two by two.   Why the strategy?   First of all, teamwork is necessary, not only to accomplish our mission, but more importantly in building relationships.   We build relationships anyway among ourselves when we do our ministry and with the people we serve.   With a teammate, we can share our joys and our ideas as well as our struggles and sufferings.   Secondly, we are called to be witnesses.   While we can claim be a witness being alone, witnessing is stronger when a teammate corroborates what we say and do.   Precisely, Jesus summoned the Twelve to be His witnesses. 
      Jesus gave authority to the Twelve over unclean spirits.   It is said that driving out demons is not an easy task because the demons could shout and disclose to the whole world your own personal sins.   So today, there is always a wisdom of conquering the unclean spirit within us that is brought about by sin.   Let us do our personal repentance first and then the others tasks at hand follow.   
      The instructions of Jesus to the Twelve included the “do’s” and the “don’ts” of ministry.   The “do’s” included bringing a walking stick, wear sandals and only one tunic.   The “don’ts” included not bringing food, no sack, no money.   Wherever they enter a house, the instruction was to stay there.   Why these instructions?   First of all, these instructions of what to bring and what not to bring were for the Twelve to realize that they have to rely on the Lord and His divine providence.   God’s providence will sustain them.   Let us trust in God’s providence, for when we are called we have a Father in heaven who cares for us.   Secondly, the Twelve were given those instructions because they should also know how to rely on the hospitality of people to whom the Good News is preached.  People love and are hospitable to a Steward of the Gospel when they see that the message is authentic because he lives the message himself; that he is trustworthy, especially when they can see how he lives in poverty and honesty.   I think ministry thrives in the company of hospitable people.
      Part of the mission is preaching of repentance.   Remember John the Baptist in the wilderness shouting “Repent”.   The message of repentance is equally central in the teachings of Jesus.   We have seen the importance of applying the message of repentance first to ourselves, especially in driving out demons.  Part of the mission is anointing of the sick.   As we have heard the past two Sundays in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is the Healer.   When we do anointing of the sick, we participate in His healing ministry.   The message of repentance, the task of driving out demons, and anointing are all intertwined.  We have to bring physical and spiritual well-being to our listeners.
      I was asked, “Father, what is the difference between a disciple and an apostle?”  My response is based on the etymology of the words.   “Disciple” comes from the Latin “discere” – it is in the infinitive case with the meaning – to learn.   A disciple is somebody who wants to learn.  “Apostle” comes the Greek “apostoloi” which means somebody who is sent.   Do you want to be a disciple or an apostle or both?
Fr. Edmundo N. Barut, Jr.
Fr. Edmundo N. Barut, Jr., Pastor
____________, Parochial Vicar
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Deacon Eric Kim


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