Would you like to learn/review what the Sacrament of Baptism is about?  We can suggest two videos: “Baptism, One Ohana” from our diocese and “Why We Baptize” from Busted Halo series on Sacraments 101.
      To access Baptism, One Ohana, please go to the diocesan website: catholichawaii.org, click on diocesan offices, scroll down to Office of Religious Education, then click on “Baptism, One Ohana”.  We use this video to prepare parents and godparents for infant Baptism.
      Here’s the link to “why we baptize infants” from Busted Halo : Click Here
Or you may Google: Why we baptize infants, busted halo you tube.  It’s narrated by Fr. Dwyer.
Planning on Getting Married Soon?   Or would like to have your marriage Validated in the Church?
We can help.  Please call the parish office or speak to one of our Deacons to get started!
Things to keep in mind:
· Marrige prep should be started at least 6 months before your planned wedding date.
· A newly issued baptism certificates (not more than 1 year old) is required.
· You will need to attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend prior to getting married.
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• Dec. 9 – Advent Penance Service. First communicants will go to their First Reconciliation at 7:00 pm

• Dec. 12 – Last day of classes in 2021. Awards will be given to outstanding student for the first semester

• January 9, 2022 - All Classes resume


Do you pray the Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours? If you do, you will notice that from December 17 to 23, the “O Antiphons” precede the Magnificat.  What are the seven “O antiphons”?

• December 17 – O Sapientia. O Wisdom of our God Most High, guiding creation with power and love: come to teach us the path of knowledge.

• December 18 – O Adonai. O Leader of the House of Israel, giver of the Law to Moses on Sinai: come to rescue us with your mighty power.

• December 19 – O Radix Jesse. O Root of Jesse’s stem, sign of God’s love for all his people: come to save us without delay.

• December 20 – O Clavis David. O Key of David, opening the gates of God’s eternal Kingdom: come and free the prisoners of darkness.

• December 21 – O Oriens. O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: come and shine on those who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death.

• December 22 – O Rex Gentium. O King of all nations and keystone of the Church: come and save man, whom you formed from the dust.

• December 23 – O Emmanuel: O Emmanuel, our King and Giver of Law: come to save us, Lord our God.

Except for “O Oriens”, the “O Antiphons” are also the Gospel Verses at Mass from December 17 to 23. The Gospel verses are as follows:
December 17 – O Sapientia
December 18 – O Adonai
December 19 – O Radix Jesse
December 20 – O Clavis David
December 21 – O Emmanuel
December 22 and 23 – O Rex Gentium

What if you don’t pray the Liturgy of the Hours nor come to daily Mass? Sing and pray “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”and you will pray and sing the “O Antiphons” which are actually the title of the Lord Jesus. Happy Advent!