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Aloha OLPH Family,
      It's advisable that you read through the Guidelines. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and continued prayers.
After months of COVID-19 lock-down, here are the OLPH Re-opening guidelines that will be inforce to allow us to gather in person as a faith community.  Please read the guidelines because they contain valuable information that will allow you to make reservations and secure the tickets for the Mass you and your family would like to attend.  A ticket is required for each person to attend Mass.  Click the link below for the guidelines.
Blank Form
Note:  If you have the myParish app, you can access the OLPH Re-opening Guidelines by pressing the "Bulletin" button and the Guidelines are labeled "May 26".
If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office (808) 689-8681.
      Would you like to learn/review what the Sacrament of Baptism is about?  We can suggest two videos: “Baptism, One Ohana” from our diocese and “Why We Baptize” from Busted Halo series on Sacraments 101.
      To access Baptism, One Ohana, please go to the diocesan website:, click on diocesan offices, scroll down to Office of Religious Education, then click on “Baptism, One Ohana”.  We use this video to prepare parents and godparents for infant Baptism.
      Here’s the link to “why we baptize infants” from Busted Halo :
Or you may Google: Why we baptize infants, busted halo you tube.  It’s narrated by Fr. Dwyer.
       “I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you” is the theme of this year’s Catechetical Sunday which is celebrated on the third weekend of September. Catechetical Sunday gives the Church an opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to the many men and women whose selfless giving of Time, Talent, and Treasure “hand on” the faith to children, youth, and adults.

       We would like to say “Welcome Back” to our returning catechists: Joyce Ablog, Aurora Agcaoili, Shaun Agtarap, Donna Alvaro, Donna Lyn Baguio, Stephanie Belaski, Wayne Campos, Josey Choe, Candace Choe, Precy Cuizon, Consuelo Gouveia, Terra Harding, Mela Kim, Seth Kim, Aileen Leonardo-Pila, Frank Mabrey, Susan Marbellla, Aida Morales, Gina Pascual, Priscila Rayray, Joe Rayray, Eleanor Ragojo, Lyn Salis, Errlyn Sejalbo, Natividad Valenzuela.
       Let us say “Welcome” to Donald Joseph “DJ” Goodwin, who said “yes” to our RCIA team and his wife Sarah who will assist Aileen with Pre-K and Kinder. DJ was received into full communion of the Catholic Church while Sarah was fully initiated last July and are eager to share the faith that they professed to new seekers.
       In the same token, we would like to say “Thank you” to our catechists who served last year, some of them, for many years, and will take a break/will not serve this year: Dora Duhaylonsod, Sandi Javar, Gina Maki, June Melendez, Bobbie Mantanona, Marilou Saito. and Robert Lim.  Teresita dela Cruz, who has been assisting Aurora Agcaoili, might not return this year because Religious Education this year will be virtual/online only.   Nevertheless, we thank Teresita for her years of service and we are sure she will help in any way she can.
       We also appreciate our very young Young Adults who assisted our Edge Core Team: Trinity Campos, Angela Domingo, Peter Herrington, Chelsea Manaois, and Kimberly Mikesell.
These forms are for the Religious Education Catechetical Year 2020-2021.  Click on the links below to download the PDF forms and print out to complete. 
When you have completed the forms you can mail the completed forms and appropriate fees to the Parish Office or drop off them off at the Parish Office when it is open. 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
91-1004 North Road
Ewa Beach, Hawaii  96706
If you have any questions, please contact Julia at 689-8681 Ext. 107.
Registration for Religious Education and Faith Formation is now open.  You may download the registration forms from our parish website:
      Parents: if you will register your children 18 years of age and younger, please download also and complete the “Digital Ministry Form” which is required for our virtual/online classes.
      If you do not have a printer, please call Julia at 689-8681 Ext. 107 for a copy to be mailed to you.  Classes will tentatively start on November 1st.
       Baptism of children seven years of age and under will be celebrated on September 26, Saturday, at 10:00 am.  Please call Julia for a baptism packet to be mailed to you.  Preparation classes for parents and godparents will be done virtually on September 21, Monday, at 7:00 pm.  You may use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to access the class.
       Parents need to call Julia at 689-8681 Ext. 107, for a phone interview prior to Sept. 21.  Because the office is closed until September 24 or beyond, please leave your name and a telephone number where she can reach you.
* Sept. 15, Tuesday, 7:00 pm – Practice for Confirmation and First Holy Communion, Group 1, in the church. Sponsors are required to come.
* Sept. 17, Thursday, 7:00 pm – Practice for Confirmation and First Holy Communion, Group 2, in the church. Sponsors are required to come.
* Sept. 23, Wednesday – Confirmation and First Communion Mass, 7:00 pm, Group 1.
* Sept. 24, Thursday – Confirmation and First Communion Mass, 7:00 pm. Group 2

PLEASE NOTE: Dates may be pushed back depending on the pandemic situation and directives from the Governor/Mayor/Bishop.
Are you an adult
* Seeking faith in the Catholic Church?
* Baptized in the Catholic Church but have not received
Confirmation and First Holy Communion?

Welcome!  You are in the right place.  To get our conversation going, please download the RCIA Inventory form from the diocesan website.
Here is the link: 
or call Julia for copy to be mailed to you.
Parents -- how do you keep the faith alive in this pandemic time? It is time to claim or re-claim your role as the primary teacher of the faith of your children.  You already teach them so many things even before they could speak so let us expand your roles to be teachers of the faith or catechists to your children.  Do you need a degree in theology to do this? NO!  Do you need to be a trained catechist? NO!  Do you need to practice the faith? YES !!!  Parents teach the faith mostly by example.
Some suggestions:
~ Do you come to Mass and do you bring your children with you?
~ Do you speak with them about the Mass, or the readings, or the homily?
~ Do you participate actively at Mass thereby being a role model for your children?
~ If you cannot/would not come to Mass on Sundays, do you watch the live-streamed Mass with your children?  (OLPH : Saturday 7 am and 5 pm Masses, Sunday at the 9 am Mass, Monday to Friday at 8:15 am)
~ Do you pray with your children at home:
     - At meal times (grace before and after meal)
     - Morning offering prayer
     - At bedtime
     - The rosary
     - Before studying or taking the online classes
     - When possible, do you pray the angelus prayer ( 6 am, noon, and 6 pm) or Divine Mercy chaplet at 3 pm
~ Do your children hear you expressing your gratitude to God for every blessing you receive, no matter how
small it is?
~ Do your children see a Christian action or attitude from you on a daily basis?

The list presented here is not exhaustive.  You may be doing some of it already and perhaps there are things you are doing but not in the list.
* My Parish App will give you lots of prayers as well as the parish bulletin, message from our Pastor, Fr. Ed, and much more.  Have you registered with My Parish App yet?  If you have not done so, NOW is the time to do it.  Refer to Page 4 of the bulletin for instructions.  Please also join the group: Religious Education – Families and Students.  You will receive instant messages on your phone regarding religious education once you have joined the group.
* – this will give you the Sunday readings along with activities your children can do to learn more about the Mass and retain the readings.
If restrictions on celebrating Mass do not change, our Confirmation and First Communion Masses will take place on September 23, Wednesday and September 24, Thursday, both at 7:00 pm.  Because of social distancing, attendance at Mass will be limited to only the candidate for the sacraments, his or her parents and one Confirmation sponsor.  Because of the limited seating, candidates will be divided into two groups with last names arranged alphabetically. Here are the two lists:

Group 1 for September 23, Wednesday: Aydan James Aggasid, Abigail Eden Alegre, Melanie Alvarez, Isaiah Amar, Bronson Ancheta, Valentina Cabanas, Isabella Marie Calairo, Amora Camacho, Ysabelle Lorraine Closa, Chayce-Austyn Delto, Alessandra Domingo, Brantley Elkins, Carli Esona, Donovan Esona, Samatha Espejo, Lilly Helene Fontanilla, Calista Fortuno, Railey Ganitano, Mia-Rose Heaton, Kassidy Hernandez, Kareena Iwamoto-Capenia, Alizay Iwamoto-Capenia, Haely Audrey Laforga, Delenn Libarios, Julia Lucero, Richard Lucero and Charlie Lucero.
Group 2 for September 24, Thursday: Christian Dane Mariano, Aizyke Mendoza, Ethan Onato, Randy Ordonio, Kayla Mae Ordonio, Brianna Palmer, Lauren Palmer, Julia Palmer, Samantha Palmer, Jayde Pico-Thomas, Rylah Joie Quitazol, Hermione Jeen Quitazol, Isaiah Roces, Jayse Salcedo, Czarina Santiago, Aiden Santos-Anguay, Angelo Sarmiento, Kyra Serra, Ethan Seson, Violet Studer, Cheyanne Tauyan, Niel Carl Valenzuela, Ciara Anne Villareal, Dartagnnian Wilcox and Lana Yogi.
September 7, Monday, 7 pm – Virtual meeting with parents and Confirmation sponsor.
September 10, Thursday, 7 pm – Confession
September 15, Tuesday, 7 pm – Practice in church.  Sponsor is required to attend.
September 8, Tuesday, 7 pm – Virtual meeting with parents and Confirmation sponsor.
September 11, Friday, 7 pm – Confession.
September 17, Thursday, 7 pm – Practice in church.  Sponsor is required to attend.
Parents and Confirmation sponsors: Please note that the dates may change depending on the corona virus situation and mandates from the governor, mayor and our bishop.  You will be informed by email/mail/My Parish App for any changes.  Please read also the weekly bulletin published on our parish website:  On another note: have you all registered with My Parish App?  If you haven’t, now is the best time to do so.  After registration, please join “Religious Education – Families and Students”.