Would you like to learn/review what the Sacrament of Baptism is about?  We can suggest two videos: “Baptism, One Ohana” from our diocese and “Why We Baptize” from Busted Halo series on Sacraments 101.
      To access Baptism, One Ohana, please go to the diocesan website: catholichawaii.org, click on diocesan offices, scroll down to Office of Religious Education, then click on “Baptism, One Ohana”.  We use this video to prepare parents and godparents for infant Baptism.
      Here’s the link to “why we baptize infants” from Busted Halo :  http://bustedhalo.com/video/baptism
Or you may Google: Why we baptize infants, busted halo you tube.  It’s narrated by Fr. Dwyer.
Let us welcome in our midst the six children who were baptized on July 24: Kyri Chey Cainglit Baldugo, daughter of Norilei Cainglit Baldugo; Loren Cordero Barit, son of Dexter James Yanit Barit and Ronnilyn Martin Cordero; Kenji Roangel Aguilar Dionisio, son of Davin Vitug Dionisio and Natalie Sayuri Aguilar; Mary-Lou Elizabeth Goodwin, daughter of Donald Joseph (DJ) Goodwin and Sarah Christine Garner; Zavian Kekoa Saxton-Namoc, son of Jonathan Gerard Namoc and Melody Ann Saxton; Kolten No’eau Kamakaiwi, son of Daniel Kaulana Kamakaiwi, Jr. and Erin Elizabeth Bergstrom.  Congratulations to the parents and godparents for bringing their child to God and His family, the Church.
August 14, Saturday, 9:00 pm to 2:00 pm – Catechists retreat, in person
August 15, Sunday -- last day to register for CCD
August 15, Sunday, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – preparation classes for infant baptism for parents and godparents, church
August 21, Saturday, 10:00 am – Infant Baptism
August 22, Sunday 9 am to 10:45 am – Parents Orientation, Rooms 7 & 8
August 29, Sunday, 9 am to 10:45 am – Parents Orientation, Rooms 7 & 8
Attention: High school students and parents!  Grades 9 to 12 wanting to register for Year 1 of preparation for Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist - your class will be from 9:30 to 10:45 on Sunday mornings.  Please register ASAP either online at the following link:  Online CCD Registration Form
Complete the form, click on SUBMIT and mail your registration fee to the address below:
Attn: Julia Torres
OLPH church
91-1004 North Road
Ewa Beach, HI 96706

You may also download and print the form, complete it and bring it to any weekend Mass Or pick up a registration form before or after any weekend Mass.  Complete it at home and bring it back the following weekend with your registration fee.  You may also register at the parish office during regular office hours but by appointment only.  Call Julia at 689-8681 Ext. 107 to make an appointment.
For all grades: Last day to register: August 15, 2021. First day of classes: September 12, 2021. Please call or email Julia if you have any questions: 689-8681 Ext. 107 or email: olph.reff@gmail.com.

Parents: if your child was in Year 1 of preparation for the sacraments in Catechetical Year 2019 – 2020, which was the year before Corona Virus disrupted the classes in March 2020, and you would like your child to continue this year, please call Julia to make an appointment for a meeting with you and your child.  Please do this asap.  Call 689-8681 Ext. 107 or email: olph.reff@gmail.com
Do you know of anyone who would like to join the Catholic Church either through:
(a) Baptism or
(b) Reception into Full Communion of the Catholic Church? (This means the person has a valid baptism from another Christian Church.)

Please call Julia at 689-8681 Ext. 107 for questions on “valid baptism”.
Planning on Getting Married Soon?   Or would like to have your marriage Validated in the Church?
We can help.  Please call the parish office or speak to one of our Deacons to get started!
Things to keep in mind:
· Marrige prep should be started at least 6 months before your planned wedding date.
· A newly issued baptism certificates (not more than 1 year old) is required.
· You will need to attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend prior to getting married.
IRL will be our program for middle and high school participants.  IRL will help them look at their lives, how they can find answers from Scriptures and apply the Scriptures in their lives’ situations.  They will also learn how to find passages in the Scriptures.  There is also a strong possibility for whole family faith formation through IRL.  Families may read the Scriptures together and share their insights on the topic for the week.