Rev February 6, 2021
Sunday Masses
7 am, 9 am, 11 am
and 5 pm
Saturday Vigil Mass: 5 pm
Weekday Masses
Monday - Friday:  8:15 am
Saturday 7 am
Adoration with Benediction
Every first Friday of each month.  Mass at 8:15 am Adoaration to follow.
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
by appointment only
Saturday 4 - 4:30 pm
& Other times
 Call the Parish Office
"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, this new year brings some hope in controlling the virus through vaccines. The State of Hawaii vaccination plan is being implemented at this time. You may have some moral or ethical concerns regarding the potential contents (compromised cell lines/fetal cells) of these vaccines in relation to our Catholic teaching and faith."  Click on the link below to read the Bishop's letter in its entirety.
After months of COVID-19 lock-down, here are the OLPH Re-opening guidelines that will be inforce to allow us to gather in person as a faith community.  Please read the guidelines because they contain valuable information that will allow you to make reservations and secure the tickets for the Mass you and your family would like to attend.  A ticket is required for each person to attend Mass.  Click the link below for the guidelines.
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If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office (808) 689-8681.
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OLPH now offers "eGiving via text" with Faith Direct.  Please consider making a “One Time” gift or enrolling for automatic “Reoccurring” donations to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.  Click the icon below for the directions.
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Master Plan Update - February 14, 2021
The Design Team continues their work on construction documents and obtaining cost estimates from subcontractors/suppliers. As with everything lately the pandemic has impacted both supply chains & availability of certain materials, finishes, and fixtures.  Manufacturers have been adversely impacted so securing pricing has been a bit slower than anticipated.  A revised cost estimate is still at least a week or two away.

HECO has determined that the existing conduit from North Road are Transite containing asbestos and can no longer be used.  New conduit will be run from North Road to the transformer that meets current health standards.

While awaiting pricing, the team finalizes details pertaining to HVAC and its impact on acoustics, doors, glazing thicknesses, and the use of ground face & split face Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU).   Some examples:
      Duct liner thickness
      Sound attenuators
      Automatic door opener for the wheelchair bound
      Sensors for light controls
      Ground face CMU in areas where it is exposed inside
Work continues albeit a bit slower than we had anticipated.
The table below summarizes the capital campaign progress and financial status.
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign Update As Of 12/31/2020
Pledged Amount* $3,126,954.17  100%
Written Off $322,020.00 10.30%
Net Pledged Amount $2,804,934.17 89.70%
Total Collected $2,159,387.59 66.06%
Less: Campaign Fees $15,194.37  
Withdrawals** $969,440.49  
Cash Received After Cut-off $5,254.00  
Account Balance $1,169,498.73  
Pledge Balance $655,981.95 20.98%
*Includes One Time Gifts
Building Fund
Beginning Balance 12/1/2020 $2,844,734.60
Deposits $1,120.00
Withdrawals** $ -
Interest Reinvested $1,205.26
Total Building Fund $2,847,059.86
Building Fund & Capital Campaign


** Project Management, Topographical, Geotechnical , Infiltration, & Hazmat Surveys, Capital Campaign Expense, Architectural Design

For information on how you can donate to the
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign please contact the parish office
at 689-8681 extension 101.
Last Published: February 13, 2021 3:12 AM
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of Catholic Bishops website)
What's New
Master Plan Update
February 14, 2021
Click the link below for the latest Master Plan Update which includes the lastest Master Plan Diagram.
February 20th, Saturday
6:45 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Mass (Church)
5 pm - Vigil Mass (Church &
Live-streamed via
OLPH Facebook)
February 21st, Sunday
1st Sunday of Lent
7 am - Mass (Church)
9 am - Mass (Church &
Live-streamed via
OLPH Facebook)
11 am - Mass (Church)
5 pm -  Mass (Church)
February 22nd, Monday
8 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Mass (Church)
February 23rd, Tuesday
8 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Mass (Church)
February 24th, Wednesday
8 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Mass (Church)
February 25th, Thursday
8 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Mass (Church)
February 26th, Friday
6 pm - Mass followed by
Stations of the Cross (Church)
February 27th, Saturday
6:45 am - Holy Rosary followed
by Communion Service (Church)
5 pm - Vigil Mass (Church &
Live-streamed via
OLPH Facebook)
February 28th, Sunday
2nd Sunday of Lent
7 am - Mass (Church)
9 am - Mass (Church &
Live-streamed via
OLPH Facebook)
11 am - Mass (Church)
5 pm -  Mass (Church)
If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office at (808) 689-8681
Thank you for your continued support to our Food Pantry.  Your generosity allows us to continue feeding our brothers and sisters in need. May God continue to bless you and your family indeed!
Please bring in your donations next week.  Thank you for your generosity to help those in need!  We also accept other non-perishable food items and we are greatly appreciate donations of gently used paper grocery bags and plastic bags.
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Please call the church office to set up a house blessing with a priest or deacon at least one week before the desired date!   A few requirements to follow for the house blessing, limit of 5 people, wear your masks at all times and don’t forget to keep your distance.  If any questions please call the parish office at 689-8681 ext.#100!!  Mahalo!
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