Sunday Masses
7 am, 9 am, 11 am and 5 pm
Saturday Vigil Mass:  5 pm
Weekday Masses
Monday - Friday:  8:15 am
Saturday7 am
Adoration with Benediction
Every first Friday of each month.  Mass at 8:15 am Adoaration to follow.
Novena to Our Lady
of Perpetual Help
Monday - Friday: 7:50 am
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
Every Saturday from
4:00 - 4:30 pm
or by appointment
Lent is coming fast and we need your palm branches.  So please bring in your BLESSED PALMS from last year.  You may place them in the bins provided in the church or the parish office.
ASH WEDNESDAY (February 26, 2020)
The following is our schedule for Ash Wednesday
* 8:15 am: Mass
* 5 pm: Mass
* 7 pm: Mass
There will be distribuon of ashes at all of the above services.
Master Plan Update - February 2, 2020
On December 31, 2019 the Department of Planning 84 Permitting (DPP) issued a letter approving our application for a minor modification to the Conditional Use Pertnit (CUP). The design team is in the process of clarifying 2 items, so we will probably be getting a revision or follow up letter to the approval letter. The 2 items are:
1. Clarification of the location of the Loading Spaces. We showed 2 side-by-side spaces. They wanted a single, longer space. A new plan locating the loading spaces off of the driveway to Ma Ke Kula has been prepared. We have the same of total parking spaces. (See attached)
2. The language (page 3 of 13, 2nd paragraph) is ambiguous and unclear as it describes the parking. The design team is corresponding with the Planner at DPP to clarify that the grass 'alternate' parking is in excess of the required of spaces, and not required to be paved. (See attached)
The cost estimators at Rider Levett Bucknall are currently engaged in revising the project cost estimates incorporating the modifications which were intended to significantly reduce site development and construction costs.
The table below summarizes the capital campaign progress and financial status.
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign Update As Of 11/30/19
Pledged Amount* $3,106,953.46  100%
Written Off $318,835.00 10.26%
Net Pledged Amount $2,788,118.46 89.74%
Total Collected $1,785,130.58 57.46%
Less: Campaign Fees $12,652.34  
Withdrawals** $809,609.92  
Cash Received After Cut-off $40.00  
Account Balance $962,828.32  
Pledge Balance $1,002,987.88 32.28%
*Includes One Time Gifts
Building Fund
Beginning Balance 11/1/19 $2,809,720.11
Deposits $1,360.00
Withdrawals** $ -
Interest Reinvested $2,889.20
Total Building Fund $2,813,969.31
Building Fund & Capital Campaign


** Project Management, Topographical, Geotechnical , Infiltration, & Hazmat Surveys, Capital Campaign Expense, Architectural Design

For information on how you can donate to the
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign please contact the parish office
at 689-8681 extension 101.
Last Published: February 2, 2020 2:27 AM
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(Daily Readings from
the U.S. Conference
of Catholic Bishops website)
What's New
Master Plan Update
February 2, 2020
Click the link below for the latest Master Plan Update which includes the lastest Master Plan Diagram.  Note the location of the new Church.
February 2020 Schedules
The February EMHC and Lector & Commentator schedules are posted in the "Parish News, Schedules & Calendar" section.
February 15th, Saturday
7 am - Mass (Church)
5 pm - Vigil Mass (Church)
February 16th, Sunday
6th Sunday in
Ordinary Time
Masses: 7 am, 9 am,
11 am & 5 pm (Church)
 6:15 pm - Life Night
(Church, Breezeway)
February 17th, Monday
Parish Office - CLOSED -
President's Day Holiday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
February 18th, Tuesday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
February 19th, Wednesday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
February 20th, Thursday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
February 21st, Friday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
February 22nd, Saturday
7 am - Mass (Church)
5 pm - Vigil Mass (Church)
February 23rd, Sunday
7th Sunday in
Ordinary Time
Masses: 7 am, 9 am,
11 am & 5 pm (Church)
 6:15 pm - Life Night
(Church, Breezeway)
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Next weekend,
February 22nd & 23rd,
is Cup of Noodles
Please bring your donations to Mass. Your generosity is definitely making a positive impact to our brothers and  sisters in our community!
Feel free to donate any other non-perishable items as well. 
Donations can be dropped off at church or the parish office.
Mahalo !
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