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Lent is coming fast and we need your palm branches.  So please bring in your BLESSED PALMS from last year.  You may place them in the bins provided in the church or the parish office.
ASH WEDNESDAY (February 26, 2020)
The following is our schedule for Ash Wednesday
* 8:15 am: Mass
* 5 pm: Mass
* 7 pm: Mass
There will be distribuon of ashes at all of the above services.
Clergy Page week of September 8, 2019

In this Sunday readings, we are invited to have strong for our faith, to live in wisdom and to recognize the hand of God in all that happens to us.

The 1st reading from the Book of Wisdom teaches us to have patience and not to think that we immediately understand all the ways of the Lord.  Knowledge alone has limits.  We need the wisdom that comes from the Lord.

The 2nd reading from the Letter to Philemon reminds us that even in the most difficult situations, we can live with the Lord.  No matter what happens, we can always find the loving and patient presence of God.
And the Gospel Reading from St. Luke speaks about the commitment of discipleship.  Someone said: “To follow the Lord costs us everything even if it gives us everything.”  We must be willing to give up all in order to walk with the Lord.

We therefore ask ourselves: “ Do I have the wisdom to recognize what the Lord is asking of me?  Do I have the courage to follow the Lord, no matter what He asks of me?  Can I make myself available and be able to give my total commitment to the Lord ‘s mission?

We are confronted with a challenge from the Lord.  He is telling us to choose Him and put Him first in our lives.  He is inviting us again to follow Him.  Following him means giving up even the things that we love most.  And giving them up could be the hardest thing to do for we have so many attachments to material possessions, to people, to our relationships, to our own ambitions and dreams.

We find Jesus’ idea of discipleship too demanding. Others find it not only difficult but impossible.  But if we fix our gaze on Jesus hanging on the cross and contemplate on it, we can understand fully what discipleship really means and what it truly constitutes.  Then following Him will never be a burden but now an act of love to Him who is the author of that Greatest Love.

In the movie entitled “OVERCOMER”, Thomas asked his friend-coach John Harrison: “who are you?”  And he further said: “Your identity will always be tied to whatever you give your heart to.”  As Christians, Jesus should be the first in our heart.  When we find our identity in Him, it will definitely change our whole perspective about life.  We come to realize that everything happens for a reason…and happens for the best.  We become an “overcomer” to every trial and difficulty.  No matter what, we remain faithful to the Lord. In faith, we depend everything on God.

For anyone who wishes to become His disciples, Jesus demands total dependence on God’s providence.  He who embarks on a project must carefully do the calculations whether his resources would be enough to finish it.  In the project of building God’s Kingdom, what Jesus demands is total availability and commitment.  God will provide for all the rest.

God often chooses the most unlikely people to carry out incredible works.  When He looks at their resume’, He gives emphasis on their availability…their commitment.  He can take care of the rest.  The most important thing God needs from us to carry out His mission is our availability…our commitment.  When we make ourselves available to the Lord, when we commit ourselves totally to Him, incredible things will happen.  Amen!
Fr. Jong Atinaja
Last Published: September 6, 2019 5:44 PM
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February 15th, Saturday
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February 16th, Sunday
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February 23rd, Sunday
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Masses: 7 am, 9 am,
11 am & 5 pm (Church)
 6:15 pm - Life Night
(Church, Breezeway)
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