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Master Plan Update - July 7, 2019
The Design Team continues their work on the development of construction documents as well as applying for the required grading permit in order to address the first condition from DPP.  Add 8 parking spaces; restripe the parking lot to show 108 spaces along with a circulation plan prior to the start of school in early August.  Due to the time that it will take to secure the grading permit the actual work will most likely not be completed prior to the start of the new school year.
The results of the infiltration/percolation testing for drainage were not particularly encouraging.  Civil engineering is currently working to determine both mitigation and impact on site development cost. The results of the Hazmat Survey for asbestos & lead paint were
much more encouraging. Of 141 locations tested for asbestos containing materials only 7 exceeded the threshold of 1% requiring abatement.  None of the locations would require abatement in phase I.  Only 1 location was found to contain lead paint(yellow parking lot entry gates), and it fell below the threshold requiring abatement.
Members of the Design Team, RLB, Bookkeeper & committee continue working on 2 different cash flow analyses; Development Cash Flow (Construction) & Operating Cash Flow (Debt Service).  This will assist us in obtaining financing in order to complete construction and provide potential lenders with a sense of our ability to repay the loan.
The table below summarizes the capital campaign progress and financial status.
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign Update As Of 5/31/19
Pledged Amount* $3,096,475.46  100%
Written Off $135,605.00 4.38%
Net Pledged Amount $2,960,870.46 95.62%
Total Collected $1,598,052.60 51.61%
Less: Campaign Fees $11,479.92  
Withdrawals** $649,699.11  
Cash Received After Cut-off $ -  
Account Balance $936,873.57  
Pledge Balance $1,362,817.86 44.01%
*Includes One Time Gifts
Building Fund
Beginning Balance 5/1/19 $2,749,088.68
Deposits $ -
Withdrawals** $ -
Interest Reinvested $2,920.05
Total Building Fund $2,752,008.73
Building Fund & Capital Campaign


** Project Management, Topographical & Geotechnical Surveys, Capital Campaign Expense, Architectural Design

For information on how you can donate to the
Sharing Our Gifts ~ Building Our Future
Capital Campaign please contact the parish office
at 689-8681 extension 101.
Last Published: July 5, 2019 2:43 AM
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What's New
Master Plan Update
July 7, 2019
Click the link below for the latest Master Plan Update.
July 2019 Schedules
The July 2019 EMHC and Lector & Commentator schedules are posted in the "Parish News, Schedules & Calendar" section.
5th Annual OLPH Golf Tournament
The Golf Tournament Forms & Information package is  posted in the "Parish News, Schedules & Calendar" section.
July 6th, Saturday
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8:15 am - Mass (Church)
July 16th, Tuesday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
July 17th, Wednesday
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July 18th, Thursday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
July 19th, Friday
8:15 am - Mass (Church)
July 20th, Saturday
7 am - Mass (Church)
5 pm - Vigil Mass (Church)
July 21st, Sunday
16th Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Masses: 7 am, 9 am,
11 am & 5 pm (Church)
6:30 pm - Life Night
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