Rev July 30, 2021
Sunday Masses
7 am, 9 am, 11 am
and 5 pm
Saturday Vigil Mass: 5 pm
Weekday Masses
Monday - Friday:  8:15 am
Saturday 7 am
Adoration with Benediction
Every first Friday of each month.  Exposition & Adoration at 7 am, Holy Rosary at 8 am followed by Mass.
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
by appointment only
Saturday 4 - 4:30 pm
& Other times
 Call the Parish Office
Bishop Larry Silva announces the "Resumption of Sunday Mass Obligation":
Effective Easter Sunday, April 4 (or as of the Easter Vigil, April 3), I am ending the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, which has been in effect since mid-March, 2020. However, anyone who is sick, may have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or who has a health condition that would endanger themselves or others by being present in church, continues to be dispensed.
       Please click on the link below to read the Bishop's Memorandum in its entirety.
"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, this new year brings some hope in controlling the virus through vaccines. The State of Hawaii vaccination plan is being implemented at this time. You may have some moral or ethical concerns regarding the potential contents (compromised cell lines/fetal cells) of these vaccines in relation to our Catholic teaching and faith."  Click on the link below to read the Bishop's letter in its entirety.
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Music Ministry
a faith-filled community for all cultures and ages dedicated to building the Kingdom of God (OLPH Parish Mission Statement)
Our mission is to lead the assembly in sung prayer (the Mass) and help facilitate parishioners’ full, active and conscious participation at Mass  through music.

1.  Some music literacy desirable but not required
2.  Have a pleasant personality and work well with others
3.  Be familiar with the rites of the liturgy
4.  Be available to serve at regular Masses and special liturgies and services (i.e. holidays, Holy Days of Obligations, etc.)
5.  Attend weekly practices and arrive promptly at scheduled time.
6.  Have a decent, trainable voice.
7.  Willing to serve at the Parish's Minsitry Fairs, parish fundraisers, etc.
8.  Participate in liturgical workshops, spiritual enrichment programs, and retreats as may be deemed necessary by the Pastor or Diocese.
- are expected to be skilled in their instrument well enough in order to compliment the choir smoothly and with an even balance of sound and dynamics.
- must be able to instantly modulate keys and notes during mass in order to adjust to the different vocal ranges of the various choirs.
- are responsible for their own practice/training to meet these criteria apart from the regular choir practice which focuses on the voices.

1.  Upkeep of personal music binder or music books (Breaking Bread Book)
2.  Help with set up and clean up.
3.  Straighten up the chairs, pick up water bottles and music sheets after practice and respective Mass.
4.  Arrive at least 30 minutes before Mass starts to practice with pianist and assembly.
If you have any questions or would like to join any choir please contact Teo Matsuda at 808-683-0629 and email:
Last Published: April 19, 2022 5:44 PM
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(Daily Readings from
the U.S. Conference
of Catholic Bishops website)
What's New
2021 OLPH Stewardship Report
The OLPH Annual Stewardship report is posted to the "Parish News, Schedules & Calendar" section.

June 2022 Schedules

The April EMHC schedule, EMHC Vigil Mass schedule, Sacristan schedule, the Lector & Commentator schedule and the Holy Rosary schedule are posted to the "Parish News, Schedules & Calendar" section.

Master Plan Update
April 30, 2022
Click the link below for the latest Master Plan Update which includes the lastest Master Plan Diagram.
June 25, Saturday
6:30 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
June 26, Sunday
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
9 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
11 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
5 pm -  Holy Rosary w/ Mass
June 27, Monday
8:15 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
June 28, Tuesday
8:15 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
June 29, Wednesday
8:15 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
6:00 pm - Holy Hour & Eucharistic Adoration
June 30, Thursday
8:15 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
July 1, Friday
7 am - Monthly Adoration
8:15 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
July 2, Saturday
6:30 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
July 3, Sunday
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
9 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
11 am - Holy Rosary w/ Mass
5 pm -  Holy Rosary w/ Mass
6:30 pm - Youth & Young Adult Night
If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office at (808) 689-8681
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